Reader: Marvin Hamlisch's Metro song samples "Frosty the Snowman"

Metro started classes yesterday, with a big new name -- Metropolitan State University of Denver -- as well as new buildings (including a hotel filled with art by Metro students, faculty and alumnae) and new programs.

But the recent death of musician/composer Marvin Hamlisch brought a blast from the past for Metro, because 25 years ago, he was commissioned to write a fight song for the school, "The Fire at M.S.C."

A fight song that never really caught fire....

Remembers kurtdrums:

I was a student percussionist and played in the MSC Chamber Orchestra mentioned in the program. When we first saw the music and lyrics, we busted out laughing and knew he hadn't put much time into it. If you play the melody line to the "feel the fire" line on a keyboard, you will instantly recognize it as the melody to "Frosty the Snowman." The other funny thing is he was given an honorary doctorate. From Metro. No doctoral program!

Those days are over, but the memories remain. What song would you suggest for a Metro fight song today? Post it below! But first, enjoy the lyrics for "Fire!"

There's a fire deep inside you That fire is simply called a dream You feel the dream The flame is burning You are warmed and surrounded by its glow

We all know that we are dreamers Dreaming of a future bright So feel the fire and keep it burning Let it shine morning, noon and night

MSC can light the fire Can make you ready for dreams to come True MSC -- can make it happen Let it happen to you

Feel the heat Feel the heat Feel the heat Feel the heat Ah----

Let the fire burn forever And let the dreamer always be All hand in hand we stand We are the fire of MSC


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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.