Reader: Matt Scobey is so cool...or so lame?

One of the goals of art is to get people talking, and Matt Scobey's Not for Sale: Denver project has certainly accomplished that goal.

Scobey has been putting art in unexpected places around town, offering clues to the locations on the web. Those who find the works can appreciate them on-site, or take them home. "By putting my pieces in public places, I hope to get people to go places they wouldn't normally go," he explains, "and at the same time explore social media and what it means as an easier way to tell people about where to find your work."

But Scobey's project just inspired Anyn to tell him off:

You seriously are a dick. Street art and I just got into a discussion about your website, where did you come up with the idea of using your name as your website(?), and can't believe how many pictures are actually Gallery Show announcements!!!! What the hell is your next show going to be named "My Moronic Expression of Hypocrisy" or is that the current secondary title for what you are currently doing. Not the first to hang canvas outside for those who may think this is cool. You also are not the first to do it in order to make money. Continue graphics design as taking the heart out of things is where you seem to enjoy life.


And the talk will continue, since Scobey responded with this:

I would love to have coffee with you and street art sometime and talk about NFS. Thanks for expressing your opinion. Have a great weekend!!

Want to know more about Scobey? Sign up for news of his Not for Sale project here.

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