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Reader: May all of these Christian leaders fall into Avichi (look it up)

This is it. Today is the end of the world, according to Harold Camping, the biblical prognosticator who was born in Boulder more than ninety years ago. But with age does not necessarily come wisdom: He did miss with his prediction of the Rapture -- which he'd said would hit on May 21. So perhaps Earth will somehow escape the doom predicted for October 21. This comment from Truth gives us hope:

This man is responsible for people killing themselves and others through his 'misinformation'. But so many religious people keep believing this doomsday deception. David Icke has a book called 'The Biggest Secret", that makes a case about this whole thing. Another book he has is "Children of the Matrix."

So far all of these 'Christian' leaders, apostles, prophets, etc. make all of this stuff up to spiritually rape the gullible, take their money, and brainwash them with all of this religious 'mind control' stuff. Let them fall into the Avichi. May they be accursed.

Yes, we had to look up "Avichi." Here's the definition from

This is the Theosophist concept of hell, which is derived from the Sanskrit for "isolation." Although a place of torment it greatly differs from the ordinary conception of hell, chiefly because those who reside there have no physical bodies with which to satisfy the fleshy desires that they are plagued with.

The Theosophical teaching on which Avichi is based is the conception that people remain the same entity after death as they were before dying. That is, if in life a person was possessed by strong passions and desires then he will retain them in the astral world. The desires then become unsatisfying with a physic body and turn into anguished torments.

The manner of torments seems to be infinite varying from the confirmed sensualist struggling with his desire of the flesh to the ordinary person, while not burden be fleshy desires, who is troubled by the thought that he gave too much attention in his earthly life to worldly affairs rather than focusing on higher goals. This latter person is thus doomed to regret his lack of attention toward higher objectives.

Avichi is a place of regrets for things done and left undone in the physical life. Its torments, however, are not eternal, but will gradually subside after timeless durations of anguished torment.

Hmmm. Sounds like a day at the DMV.

Jef Otte has been counting down to Doomsday; read his most recent post here. While you still can...

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