Reader: Michael Paglia's comments on the new History Colorado Center are getting old

You're not going to see Edie Winograde's "Battle on the Little Big Horn" at History Colorado, or any of the other pieces that graced the recent Appropriated: The Chronicled West at the Robishon Gallery, the show organized by husband-and-wife team Jim Robischon and Jennifer Doran, who pulled together contemporary art with a Western edge.

Wrote Michael Paglia, "Owing to its large size and the high quality of its offerings, Robischon could easily be mistaken for a small museum -- you know, the way the History Colorado Center could be mistaken for a Dave & Buster's."

And that set off Guest:

Dude, we get the picture -- you're not a fan of the new History Colorado Center. Are you just going to keep dropping that into every review you do? It's getting really old, and pretty damn boring.

Are they? Or are those who forget the past -- and past reviews -- doomed to repeat it? Read Michael Paglia's assessment of the Robischon show here, and his official take on History Colorado here.

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