Reader: Michael Trundle Q&A inspires a vortex of For Real Emotion

"If you're from Denver (or you've lived here for more than eight consecutive months) you know how small it can feel," says Bree Davies. "It's like three degrees of separation between you, your favorite barista at Pablo's and your best friend from eighth-grade summer camp. Because that favorite barista is also your yoga teacher, your roommate's cousin and friends with your group of friends who moved to Portland together because they were in the same band."

And speaking of bands: Bree met DJ Michael Trundle when she was a baby, then met him again on the club scene two decades later. She recently talked about those times with the Lipgloss host in a Michael Trundle Q&A that inspired more memories.

Says Sid Pink:

I'm not from Denver -- and I never knew either of you when you were babies -- but this exchange sends me into a vortex of For Real Emotion. I realize that, being 223 years old, it's easy to see things flit by, or memories get fuzzy [see also: Toxins Comma Excessive} -- but I can read this and see every flashing instant: pre-LipGloss and the HYHH and 60 So. and Trundle and I battling for Who Had That Hair First... With A Tie On and now all of us are doing things -- connectedly, if even unknowingly, of course, (per Ms. CoCo's "Three-Degrees" truism) -- and I can be sentimental and gooey AND curmudgeonly [the *new* battle between Trundle and me; the "Statler & Waldorf-Off"] AND genuinely excited and proud and hopeful about where all of us are heading and What Happens Next.

...and that's the sentence I wrote about this interview.

What are your three degrees of separation with Sid Pink? Michael Trundle? The Denver music scene in general? Post them below, or join the conversation already under way here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.