Reader: Mural mess proves punks and hippies can never be friends

The Man in Black is gone from 13th Avenue. So is Bender's, replaced by Jerry Garcia (albeit a defaced Deadhead) and Quixote's True Blue, which opened on Thursday in its new home.

And what's the moral of this messy mural story?

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Says kityempire:

Many a Cap Hillite has expressed disdain over what appeared to be an aggressive -- if artistic -- action of literally decapitating the head of a rock legend, on a legendary rock n roll bar, on the infamous rock n roll street, which is anchored by one of the most legendary rock n roll record shops in the country: all for the Fat Man. Maybe not the best way to introduce yourself to the neighborhood -- I mean, anybody remember the Saga of 7 South? Not saying I support vandalism, but it shows the age ol' adage is true: punks and hippies can never be friends.

Is that true? Can punks and hippies never be friends?

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