Reader: Mustang deserves to be messed with...and make a mess

Does a bear shit outside the woods? That question was answered by the pranksters who placed a pile of blue poo under "I See What You Mean," better known as the Big Blue Bear, which stands outside the Colorado Convention Center.

That prank inspired another former Westword art critic Renna Shesso to wonder what would happen if you crossed Luis Jimenez's "Mustang" (also known as Blucifer) with John McEnroe's "National Velvet" (aka Saggy Boob Electric Penis).

And then she provided the brilliant result shown at right, which merges two of Denver's most talked-about pieces of public art into a prank masterpiece.

Says Ishmael:

Not a bad idea for art bombing, but the article mentions that the turd "matches the bear's color perfectly." Honestly, they should have gone a shade darker, ditched the gloss and went with a matte finish, and make it look like old Playstation polygons to match the bear - then it would look like it might have been bombed by the artist themselves.

Good idea on the Mcenroe/Jimenez mix. I think Jimenez needs his work messed with. Very aesthetically ignorant designs. Also, it would be funny to put the bear and horse together in kind of a cage match design...

What other mashups of public art would you like to see?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.