Reader: No amount of Vicodin could persuade me to peep her show

Like a rubber band stretched to its snapping point (or maybe a glass-top table that spontaneously explodes), Martha Stewart is one of pop cultures most weirdly volatile figures. We broke down five disturbing things about Stewart after another of her products erupted without provocation the other day, and no doubt there was no love lost toward the crafting queen from reader Jennifoodie. Here's what she had to say:

I watched this hapless Fraulein make marshmallows by hand once on her show. A bag of emeffing marshmallows costs less than an emeffing dollar to buy. There is no amount of Vicodin I could chow down that would persuade me to peep her show ever, ever again.

Jenni: What if they were marshmallows with Vicodin in them?

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