Reader: Pass the cannabutter, not the buck

It's not easy envisioning the perfect government, as the people at Evan Weissman's Warm Cookies and Milk of the Revolution discussion at Buntport last night learned. And even when you manage to attract people to a "civic health club" where they can discuss differing views in a positive environment, someone outside is always throwing stones...or chocolate chips.

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Reading about the event prompted Cognitive_Dissident to offer this.

All they're probably missing is cannabutter.

But Evan Weissman cadn take such quips in strike As he told Susan Froyd:

I think what we're trying to do with this event, and with Warm Cookies of the Revolution as a whole -- the idea of a civic health club -- is make it feel like participation in the decisions that affect our lives is both necessary and fun. We do need to think about new ways of governing, that's how progress happens, but if we get bogged down in the details or believe that it doesn't matter or that we can't make a difference, well then we've lost. I'm not saying we can make our civic life as exciting and popular as a Broncos game, but I'm also not convinced that we can't. I love me some football, don't get me wrong, but rethinking and envisioning our entire political structure, playing with LEGOS and eating warm cookies and milk sounds pretty damn fun too!

Have you been to one of the monthly Warm Cookies and Milk events? What do you think of the "civic health club"?

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