Reader: Patti Cramer lives on through her work

Patti Cramer passed away just over a year ago, shortly after she left the town where she'd lived forty years, collecting hundreds of fans in the process. But her art lives on.

And at Westword, where Cramer worked for several years and then continued as a contributor for decades more, we periodically field queries about art.

Writes pjennings:

I have two pictures painted, I think, by Patti Cramer in 1986 but I wanted to be sure. Her signature is just written as p (in circle) Cramer. One has a tag on the back from the Joanne Lyon Gallery in Denver, Co. The name of the two large paintings are: Beached Blondes and Tide Side Tidbits.

Any information you can give me about these painting would be wonderful.

We'll let Anne, who posted this comment after the Cramer obit published last October, do the honors:

I was happy to find this great story in Westword since it was Patti Cramer who helped me to burst into the newsroom there as an intern long ago. I too was a big fan of her artistic talent and also admired the enthusiasm and "twinkle" that she brought to all interactions with friends. Thanks, Patti!

By the way, Post Fine Art in Denver, which specializes in reselling work, is looking for Cramer paintings; find out more here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.