Reader: Plan 9 From Outer Space Is a Movie for Hipster Wannabe Geeks

A nice snowy Saturday is the perfect time to watch a goofy, geeky sci-fi movie. Cory Casciato recently listed The Five Most Important 1950s Geek Films in the latest installment of his Geekology 101. But one reader takes issue with the inclusion of Plan 9 From Outer Space.  Says Andrew:

Plan 9 is a movie for hipster wannabe geeks who don't really like science fiction or fantasy and just see it as something to mock and sneer at. Better choices for the list: The Thing From Another World; The Incredible Shrinking Man; either of Jack Arnold's 3-D masterpieces, Creature From the Black Lagoon or It Came From Outer SpaceWar of the Worlds; 7th Voyage of Sinbad.

What's your favorite sci-fi movie? Read the Geekology 101 list here.

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