Reader: Princess Diana showing up in Egypt is no pyramid scheme.

What if Princess Diana wasn't killed by that car wreck in Paris? What if she survived, and re-invented herself as a commoner in Egypt, where she attempted to solve the mystery of what happened to Ankhesenamun, King Tutankhamun's wife?

What if?

That's the unlikely premise behind The Lost Queen of England, a self-published book by Boulder author H. Elizabeth Owen.

And it's enough to intrigue carlsanches:

I sure want to read it!

It's crazy, yes, but it's a fiction story, It is not suposed to be realistic!

Loved the title for Diana is, in my opinion, the true "lost queen of england" (although not only of england). Deep inside everyone (except very few people) wish something like that was true and many people have their own version of what would have been if she had survived -- which fatally comes to merge to the unanswered questions on that nonsensical inquest, so it's is brave of those who come and share their version of Diana's life with others.

I think it's a good way to keep her on people's minds, and as part of people's lives.

So while Princess Diana may not actually be alive and well and living in Egypt, she lives on in the imagination....But what if?

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