Reader: Private Karaoke Suites Sound Anti-Social

Too embarrassed to stand up and belt out a song in front of a crowd? Voicebox could be playing your tune. The Portland, Oregon-based outfit will soon bring its concept to RiNo, opening a Voicebox bar/restaurant with ten private karaoke suites at 2601 Walnut Street. But the idea sounded a sour note with Joules, who says:
Seems more antisocial for the shy and antisocial cliques. Karaoke is about bringing people together, community entertainment, stage performance and an easy icebreaker to interact with strangers. This seems to strip social interaction if you have to "go to your own room" with four friends. I would think they are doing "something else" in those "private" rooms. Hehe.
 Counters Audrey: 
Wow...didn't realize Denver didn't even have these. They're all over K-town in NYC and they're a huge success. I wouldn't describe them as anti-social at all. They're great for getting together and singing with your friends. Two other advantages are avoiding drunk people looking for arguments and cutting down on wait time to sing/participate.
Where do you go for karaoke in Denver? Have you tried one of these private karaoke rooms? Punch Bowl Social has them, too.
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