Reader: Races and Concerts Are an Awesome Use of City Park

Today 17,000 people are expected for the eleventh annual Colfax Marathon, with City Park a prominent feature on the route. Teague Bohlen's recent list of Seven Things that Make City Park Residents Very, Very Mad included the plethora of races, concerts and other events in the park, but Klaudia doesn't buy it...or any of the rest of that list. She writes:
This list can't be taken seriously — I live here, and if I got on Family Feud and the host asked me to list things that make City Park residents mad, I would get zero of these correct. City Park is a gem, and people who are lucky enough to live here should be more grateful.

I run through the park three to four times per week, and goose poop doesn't stick to shoes, it doesn't smell bad, and it doesn't carry disease. My pet peeves are getting chased by off-leash dogs, stepping in dog poop, and looking at baggies of dog poop lying around for someone else to clean up. As for new buildings, we are in a boomtown! Deal with it.

Races and concerts are an awesome use of this space. East High is cool. Smells from the zoo, or worrying about animals getting out — wow. The folks who griped about things on this list ought to move to the suburbs, maybe find a gated community with an HOA to protect you from unsightly pop-topped homes, and you can put your kids on a bus to come enjoy the very place you moaned about when you lived here.
Will you be watching the Colfax Marathon today? Running in it? 

Read the original list of what makes City Park residents mad here.
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