Reader: Rather than reveling in ignorant tribalism, I'm proud that I chose Colorado

Your altitude problem is my attitude problem, Bree Davies told non-natives yesterday. And not only are non-natives the only people who like John Denver, she said, they also are responsible for Denver's traffic, gentrification, the popularity of days-long dubstep shows at Red Rocks (and the sickening popularity of any band qualified as "hippie shit" that books and sells out several dates in a row at that venue) and the influx of cruiser bike riders.

Bree's tongue was firmly in cheek -- but some people didn't appreciate the joke. See also: - From a Colorado native to a transplant: Your attitude problem is my altitude problem - John Denver: Five things you may not know - The John Denver musical A Moment in Time is crap -- but it's our crap

Says phatherphoton:

I'm sure glad that my identity is not based on decisions my parents made before I existed. Rather than reveling in ignorant tribalism, I take pride in the fact that I, as an adult, CHOSE Colorado to be my home. The first 3 blissful years, which were over 21 years ago, were spent living at 10,200', so I certainly have no altitude problem! Back then I had a license plate holder that said: "California by birth, Colorado by choice.

Are you a native? If not, when did you move here -- and why? Most important, do you like John Denver? Post your answers below, or join the conversation already under way here.

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