The Dakota Lofts, part of our "Hateful Eight."
The Dakota Lofts, part of our "Hateful Eight."
Anthony Camera

Reader: Should Denver Be Talking About Design? Or Gentrification?

The inaugural Denver Design Week runs through July 15; it's billed as "a showcase for the region’s best architecture, interiors, art, brands and technology. Eight days of education, home and studio tours, demonstrations, presentations, conversations, inspiration, collaboration, and a launch party that might be the highlight of your summer." Development is still the talk of the town this summer, but is design the real issue? Says John:

The bigger question here is about gentrification of our neighborhoods. Who are being forced out when more upscale properties replace properties of a lower value. (Oh, and by the way, I've seen very little to no good architecture in any great degree in Denver, whether residential or business or commercial.)

Find a full schedule of Denver Design Week events here...and don't miss Michael Paglia's roundup of the worst new architecture in town, the "Hateful Eight."

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