C'mon in, the water's fine.EXPAND
C'mon in, the water's fine.
Indian Hot Springs

Reader: Take a Dip Into Old-Timey Colorado at Indian Hot Springs

Even in hot weather, a soak in hot water can be refreshing. Although you won't have time today to hit some of the more far-flung spots on our list of the Ten Great Colorado Hot Springs, several readers suggest another option close by: Indian Hot Springs. Says Sarah:

For a quick dip into old-timey Colorado — some parts date back 150 years — go to Indian Hot Springs.

Adds Bill:

Indian Hot Springs is a little run-down but fun and close to Denver, in Idaho Springs. They have a pool and caves and private tubs.

Advises Andrew: 

Heads up in the caves if male on male is not your thing.

What are your favorite hot springs in Colorado?


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