Reader: Terminal Kings may be world-class, but where are world-class local artists?

Terminal Kings is taking off at City Hall, where three world-class street artists -- Sam Flores, David Choe and Highraff -- are creating giant murals that will be displayed at Denver International Airport over the next five years, as the South Terminal project gets under way.

Over the next ten days, the Terminal Kings creations will be backed by concerts and other gatherings at City Hall.

They might as well include a soapbox for all the arts enthusiasts who're wondering why no "world-class" local street artists are involved.

Writes kdbloom:

Why is it that Denver is so supportive of the arts community but not local artists themselves? Every time there's some huge event (ie. Democratic Convention) they import artists from all over the world to show how artistic Denver is. Why not showcase some of the amazing artists who actually live here? I've seen some incredible graffiti in Denver -- were those artists even considered?

You can see the art for yourself: From 2 to 7 p.m. from today through January 21, City Hall will be open to anyone who wants to view the Terminal Kings process -- for free. And there are special ticketed performances every night, including shows from Bop Skizzum (yes, some of the music is local), Broken Tongues, A. Tom Collins Band, The Morning Clouds, Souls of Mischief, Ninja Stylez hip hop competitions, Hella Thready Fashion Shows, Midnite, Supreme Action League and a closing party featuring DJ Z-TRIP. Find more information on all the related events at www.terminalkings.com.

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