Justin Cronin has used Colorado as a setting.
Justin Cronin has used Colorado as a setting.

Reader: Thanks for Giving Me My Summer Reading List!

Nothing Short of Dying, the first thriller by Erik Storey, the focus of this week's "Storey Time," was just released this week and is already garnering rave reviews. In a state eager for more literary stars, Storey could soon shoot to the top — not just as a Colorado author, but as an author writing about Colorado. 

Earlier this month, Teague Bohlen served up a list of the Ten Best Books Set in Colorado, which prompted this from Amy: 

Thanks for giving me my summer reading list!

 Several readers suggested other books — including Ground Zero, a zombie thriller by Nicholas Ryan, and The Wind Blows, by James Patterson. Then there's this from  Ed: 

Justin Cronin's The Passage Trilogy. Books one and two are set extensively in Colorado: Telluride/ Cherry Creek/ downtown.

And this: 

Other Colorado-based stories have been written by Brian Kaufman, a horror writer; Mario Acevedo, a fantasy writer; Leod Fitz, an urban-fantasy author; and Jason Richter, author of Mating Rituals of Migratory Humans.

Now you can add Nothing Short of Dying to that must-read list. Anything else?

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