Reader: The zombie craze is far from dead

Are zombies done? Yes, we know it's not that easy to get rid of the undead...but the commercialization of the undead? That's something else entirely. Yesterday, thinking longingly of the days when slutty nurse costumes ruled, Jef Otte declared enough with the zombies already -- and offered up "The ten dumbest undead media products on the market."

Which inspired this from Ornatekate:


First paragraph: "So popular are zombie costumes right now that they're a viable rival to Halloween costumes that begin with the word 'slutty.' "

sorry to disappoint you champ, but you can still slut it up all YOU want this halloween! Halloween has also always been a holiday of consumerism, and I know plenty of local costume shops that depend on the zombie crawls, and other yearly costuming events to put food on their tables ("Disguises" "Gott A Costume" and "Reinke Brothers" to name a few). Your article is just lame.

And really, how can zombies be done when Stan Yan is turning out such iconic images as the Tebow zombicature above? Read all about Stan Yan's zombies here.

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