Reader: There are a bunch of these jerks at Wash Park, too

Some people. One minute, you're on the Cherry Creek Path enjoying a leisurely commute on your bicycle, the next you're inches away from getting mowed down by some prick in Spandex without even the common decency to announce his presence. It happens to Bree Davies almost every day, and clearly she's not the only one: Her Breeality Bites column about it earlier today hit a nerve with a few people, and apparently the behavior is not confined to the path. Reader SxPxDxCx weighs in on Washington Park:

You hit the nail on the head. There are a bunch of these "I'm training and can't slow my cadence for a second" jerks at Wash Park too. One of them yelled at my friend and her kids last weekend. If your such a man to yell and a mom and her kids why don't your go "train" in the street.

Well said.

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