Reader: "There isn't much REAL hate for Sarah Palin"

Normally, the Westword name would be enough to score press tickets to any movie screening you please -- not with the Sarah Palin camp, apparently. It was perhaps on account of our reputation that our requests for tickets to the premier of The Undefeated went ignored, but on the positive side, so began Jenn Wohletz's hilarious quest to get her money back after seeing the movie and being, uh, less than impressed. As does anything Palin-related, Wohletz's recap of the movie set off a flood of comments both defensive and offensive, but the most interesting was this one from reader Chris:

There isn't much REAL hate for Sarah... most people are simply bored and irritated with her as they'd be with an irrelevant gnat buzzing around their head. No one fears her - Rove's not even worried about her splitting off nomination votes if she runs - which she won't (and if she doesn't run, her pigeons will sit at home on election day .... banging their high chairs and throwing cookies at the TV).

O SNAP! Ball's in your court, Tea Party.

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