Reader: They Renamed the Northside "Highland" and Charge Hipsters 1000 Percent More to Live There

After ticking off the Seven Things that Make Stapleton Residents Really, Really Mad, Teague Bohlen set his sights on rapidly changing Highland, one of the oldest areas of the city, and his Six Things That Make Highland Residents Really, Really Mad made plenty of readers -Highland residents and those nostalgic for the Northside alike — really mad. Says Colin:

Highland formerly known as the Northside. This guy is complaining about things that pushed the original residents out. Get the whole history.

Adds David: 

You used to have to worry about getting stabbed in that neighborhood... They renamed it the Highlands and charge hipsters 1000 percent more now to live there lol.

And August has a lot more to say:

Wow, what an article. I'm not exactly happy with what's going on in my neighborhood, but I will defend what I believe about it.
First of all, the Highlands (Highland, West Highland) is an entirely different neighborhood than Berkeley, Sunnyside and Jefferson Park. This area of the city was and is still called the Northside.

Secondly, what do you mean Highland is not part of the city? That makes no sense. Sure, it started as a separate city — but so did Auraria, and no one questions whether that's part of the city or not. I've never actually heard the present-day Northside called a suburb by anyone except for you. Pretty sure the entire Northside is within city limits, making it "part of the city." Not to mention that Highland and the rest of the Northside has some of the oldest and most diverse housing stock IN THE CITY, even though we are under attack from developers, and is closer to downtown than most other city-center neighborhoods. Comparing this part of Denver to Stapleton is ridiculous. I really don't see how there is any similarity (besides the rising stroller factor) between one of the oldest neighborhoods and one of the newest.

Teague Bohlen hits you where he's lived: He was a resident of Highland until 2008, and has also lived in Stapleton. Which neighborhood should he take on next.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.