Reader: This is a pretty weak list

It doesn't really matter what your opinion is; there will always be somebody out there to angrily disagree with it -- especially when that opinion comes in list form. Maybe it's because a list is a compound opinion, or maybe it's because the concept of the list implicitly excludes everything it does not include, but people tend to get extra worked up about them, and Tim Davids' breakdown of the Six Worst Movies this Summer most definitely did not escape the ire.

Reader Nick opines:

this is a pretty weak list...

I thought the Help was actually alright and I haven't talked to anyone who didn't at least sort of like it. That quote you put up there about it is pretty stupid too. I get what they are trying to say but it's still kind of lame. I don't necessarily disagree but it's a relatively lighthearted, sentimental story set during the Civil Rights Era... it's not really a gritty historical drama... It's summer popcorn fare for women. Gimme a break. It's like getting upset over Inglorious Bastards cause it didn't really happen.

Most of these movies were just disappointing and not really all that terrible. And you bothered to put Cars on the list? Did anyone think it was going to be good? Honestly why not add the Smurfs and Mars Needs Moms. Newsflash lots of kids movies suck. Oh, that Yogi the Bear movie too! I think that came out this summer.

Bottom line. This is a pretty weak list and looks like you just slapped it together in a couple of hours. It would have been more interesting if you looked at good movies that flopped or actually spent some time to come up with a list worth reading.

Nick, this is a pretty weak comment. The Help sucked, Cars 2 sucked and probably your life sucked, but it might have been better if you actually put some effort into it and came up with a comment worth reading.

See how easy that is?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.