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Reader: This younger generation should not be permitted to have a child!

.Creeped out by last week's TIME cover story about attachment parenting, Jef Otte penned an essay for the Village Voice about how much attachment parenting sucks and posted it to his wall. As it happened, local comic and 2012 Westword MasterMind Andrew Orvedahl had penned his own essay on how much non-attachment parenting sucks, which he then posted to Otte's wall. At that point, it was clear that there was only one way to settle our differences: the old-fashioned way. With a wrestling match.

But instead, Otte and Orvedahl will debate the issue at 10 p.m. Sunday at the Vine Street Pub.

Except we're a couple of weaklings and would both most likely somehow lose, and while it would at least be interesting to see the only wrestling match in history to end with two losers, we instead settled on a different time-honored method of settling grievances between nerds: a spirited debate. Gentlemen, and when I say gentlemen I mean including

Says Isaac:

I'm well over 60 years old. And I'm most definitely from the old school! And dam proud of it. You younger generattion are so fin into your own self-absorption that it turns my stomach. Just your language you use to belittle your childs natural spontaneous instincts. Some thing you most definitely lack! You say that this baby has a,"The baby it's evident, has got evilness in him: a natural-born willful bastard..." Your the real dead head fascist bastard! You should not be a permitted to have a child in your custody or care. I don't think an animal would be in good care with the likes of you. In just your language used about the greatest blessing thats given to you. You have no humanity in you what so ever. I took care of my grand daughter for the first three years of her life. I taught her the Italian, Latin, French, Spanish, Swahili and Sign language. And made her promise me that she would teach sing language to other children. AND WITH GREAT PRIDE IN MY HEART SHE DID. i also taught her never to fear or hate another person because of their differences than those of her's. She is now 15 years old and brilliant and very compassionate to those who are less fortunate. And an advout civil rights advocate. My grand son only let me change his diapers. At two I gave him my drums AND LET HIM DRIVE MY DAUGHTER IN LAW CRAZY! I got the girl up the street who is Black foot Native American to teach my gradson how to drum Black foot Native Americn and Cherokee. He at 5 has perfect timing and beat! YOURCHILD WILL ONLY BE WHAT YOU TEACH THEM, OR NEGLECT TEACHING THEM. I truely feel sick for your childrens neglect. I've kown many psychogists, and psychiatrists and none have ever cured their patents.Even after 30 years of work! The term well-adjusted, assimilation, and accomodation anly means that they will be sheepish brainless followers! And as for breast-feeding that's what tits are for. NOT FOR YOUR SEXUAL PLEASURES! But I will agree the more time that a babyor child spends in the right persons loving arms the more welladjustedchildren and adults they will be. To call a child a basterd is the same mind-set as these yahoos up here in Appalachia who beat their babies, and breack arms, legs, and in many cases beat these gifts of joy to death. And their so screwed up they have no remose. Their excuse is, that they would not stop crying. Get some caring, commpassion, and some civil parenting skills. And ask THE GOOD LORD FOR HELP! AND FORGIVENESS FOR YOUR CHILDRENS NEGLECT! Or please give them to some one who will love them the way they need to be loved!

Read all the Village Voice comments here; read the Otte/Orvedahl essays and learn more about the debate here.

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