Reader: T.J. Miller's song kinda sucks, but the video crushes

Colorado-boy-made-good T.J. Miller was back in Denver this week, for a five-show run at the Improv after dropping by Red Rocks Tuesday night for the premiere of the

video for "Denver,"

a rap on his new

extended play e.p.

In the Nix Bros. video, filmed at landmarks across Denver dives with the help of fellow comics, Miller dives into a pool at

Casa Bonita

and into a bathtub full of pancakes outside of

Pete's Kitchen


And reviews are coming in: Says Creighton:

Sounds a bit like Jimmy Pop from The Bloodhound Gang.

Says Fletchmonger:

Nix Bros CRUSH the video. Too bad the song kinda sucks.

You can see T.J. Miller's "Denver" video here -- and post your thoughts about it at the end of that comment, or below.

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