Reader: To Improve the 16th Street Mall, Think About Why People Go to Other Malls

Last night the 16th Street Mall was packed with people heading to and from the ball game, people heading to and from the theater, people heading to and from restaurants...and some people just hanging out. Still, the Downtown Denver Partnership and Downtown Denver Business Improvement District would like to add more attractions to the mall. They're hosting the 2016 Prototyping Festival on July 23 and July 24 to offer options — and asking residents to come up with some of those prototypes. But readers already have, asking for more local stores and restaurants. And others focus on more nitty-gritty details. Says Monte:
1. Public toilets would be a nice alternative to the space between alleyway dumpsters.

2. Ditch the damn tiles already. Sure, they're unique and charming, or so I'm told, but also incredibly impractical and constantly under repair.

3. Bring back the trash cans that were removed along the cross streets; they were replaced with flower pots, which are used as trash cans anyway.
Adds Ben: 
Let's think about why we go to any other mall. Free parking, clean bathrooms every fifty steps, a nice clean, environment with a variety of good stores. 16th Street Mall has none of that, and you'll leave with another parking ticket.
What would you like to see on the 16th Street Mall?
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