Reader: Washington Park is the place to meet weirdos

"What type of Wash Park fitness weirdo are you?" That was the question posed by Bree Davies in her post on people-watching in Washington Park -- the greatest sport of all.

Bree, for example, is a Wandering Talker. This type comes in pairs or gaggles of women (men don't fall into the category), who walk the path in their fancy yoga clothes and running shoes -- but never seem to do either activity in Wash Park. Instead, she notes, "they talk and talk and talk," seeming to exercise nothing so much as their jaws.

What type are you?

Terrycart isn't sure:

It is hard to say, I just know I always happen to meet some weirdos. That is a nice part of park-walking.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen in Washington Park? Post your sighting in the comments section below.

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