Reader: "We live near Wash Park... and therefore run in Wash Park"

Next time you think you might take a little run in Washington Park, watch out: Cory Lamz is watching, and he's waiting to group you into a categories. According to Lamz, after all, there are only

five types of people who run in Wash Park

, so you must be one of them. Another of them, we suspect, is reader Kimberly, who is not too pleased about getting grouped into category #3, "The College Commercial." Here's what she had to say.

Not to state the obvious, but perhaps the reason you see so many DU students decked out in DU attire running around Washington Park is because (a) it's cheaper to walk to the bookstore to get the requisite $12 DU T-shirt (or get one for free at a DU athletic event) than it is to head to REI and spend $30 on some ridiculous Under Armour; and (b) DU is less than four blocks away and most of us live near campus--which means we live near Wash Park...and therefore run in Wash Park. This shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Really.

Compelling argument, Kimberly, but I'm betting you and Lamz both wear DU paraphernalia and run in Wash Park because you're both elitist pricks. Booya! UCD 4Eva!

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