Reader: Welcome to Colorado — Full of Sports-Loving, Beer-Loving, Pet-Crazy People!

Last weekend we shared a note from Meg, who'd moved to Denver just a few days before — long enough, though, to have an important question for this city. "I have lived in your seemingly wonderful city for just five days," she wrote. "My fiancé was relocated here for work, and we admittedly know no one, which makes this question even more important: Do you hate California transplants?" Readers were quick to respond. Says Neil:
Dear Meg: Welcome to Colorado. The Uber driver, maintenance man, people at the bar, the idiots who responded here and anyone else who says they don't like people from California are just general-purpose jerks like you'd get in any sample of the population. It's a free country, Colorado is one part of the country and you're welcome to live here and enjoy it.

When I moved back here in the '80s people used to make comments like these and act all proud if they were born and raised here. Whatever. I used to always think that was tacky, weird tribal-thinking, but idiots and jerks can be found all over the world. I like it here — especially my neighborhood of Park Hill.  People are generally nice, and you deserve to and will enjoy your lives here. 
Adds Patricia: 
Anyone who is a local is upset of the population boom, the traffic and the high rent. Doesn't matter if you are from California or anywhere for that matter.
Responds Damian:
Firstly, welcome to Colorado! Secondly, there is more than one reason as to why rents have increased. The fact that more people have moved to Colorado causing rents to increase is about 18th on a list out of 20. So please don't use your initial introduction to Colorado as a basis for your opinion. This is a great state, with wonderful people and a million things to do all year round. We are a sports-loving, pet-crazy, outdoors-obsessed, craft-beer perfectionist.....kind of people!
And then there's this from Susan:
Yes, we're sick of you colonists because the culture you bring with you is hollow and filled with nothing. I wish you would all go back and dance on the fault line together until it cracks and have you into the wat'ry depths where you belong.

But at least you're not from Texass.
Any other words of welcome...or warning?  Read Meg's original note here.
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