Reader: What could this airport art be other than a self-fulfilling prophecy on martial law? Good question!

The tent-like roof that architect Curt Fentress designed for the terminal at Denver International Airport is not only beloved -- as consultants revealed at Tuesday night's town hall meeting on the DIA art program -- but it may also be the only feature of the airport that has not inspired any conspiracy theories.

At least, none that we've found. There are plenty of wacky theories about the artwork at DIA, though, including this from Alk3barnburner:

My 'favorite' piece of art would have to be the one with the 3 children of various religions/cultures in coffins with the woods burning in the background and animals in glass cages... at first obviously signifying the death of the old world religions and zeitgeist but as far as the destruction foreseen, what possibly could this signify other than a self-fulfilling prophecy on the grounds of martial law...

For the record, that piece (we think) is "In Peace and Harmony with Nature," by Leo Tanguma. His airport murals are definitely the most controversial pieces at DIA, fueling endless conspiracy theories. Read all about them here.

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