Reader: Why does the 16th Street Mall inspire teen confessions?

Bree Davies grew up in Denver, and is about the same age as the 16th Street Mall -- which means she spent plenty of time on it as a teen. She reminisced about those days in a blog birthday card to the mall, a sort of love letter that accepted the mall's shortcomings as part of a city's growing pains.

But many commenters aren't as understanding about the mall -- or of Bree's fondness for the place.

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Says sobored:

What the fuck did I just read? I'm pretty sure she wrote this when she was in high school.

But at least Bree fared better than another commenter pounced on by Spliffy:

You wrote LMAO? Seriously? What the fuck, are you a fourteen year old girl texting about her new tween boyfriend or Bieber CD? SERIOUSLY? You SERIOUSLY wrote LMAO? Thanks for chiming in for the sanctimonious douche canoe contingent.

What is it about the 16th Street Mall that inspires such sentiments. Is it still a teenage wasteland? Post your comments below, or join the conversation already under way here.

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