Spirit Realm Investigative Project.
Spirit Realm Investigative Project.

Reader: Wish we had great, spooky stories like this in Iowa!

Boo who? Anna Jonas saw her first apparition during a fifth-grade basement seance, and she was immediately hooked on the paranormal. Today she has her own all-female ghost-hunting team, the Spirit Realm Investigative Project, which will be on an upcoming episode of the Bio Channel's My Ghost Story.

She also has a very human critic, as evidenced on the comments posted after Robin Edwards's story, as well as fans.

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Says Merredeth:

Awesome article! Wish we had great locations like this and more teams like this to work with in Iowa as I can only think of two other teams in Iowa besides ours that work this great!

Have you ever seen a ghost? Experienced the paranormal? Post your real-life Halloween story below. (And for a very human spat, see the comments here.)


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