Reader: Women are walking targets no matter how they dress

As Bree Davies observed in her

report on SlutWalk Denver

over the weekend, more people seemed inclined to throw in their two cents about the event than to actually attend it. Indeed: SlutWalk has come and gone, but in the comment thread on

post about that comment war

, the controversy is still raging. Reader dhood chimes in:

Women are and always have been walking targets no matter how they dress ! Even Nuns have been raped in the past. Did they dress inappropriate ? When a man targets a women , it is because of the deranged thinking in his mind and not because of the way she dresses. Female children are raped as well, and are they dressed inappropiate ? I would say not ! Known fact ; women all over the world are being raped every so many minutes of every day . What can we do about that ? We can only do so much, but it has to start somewhere . I am for the Walk that supports our freedom to live comfortably and securely no matter what our choices might be . Men always think with their penus instead of from the heart ! Obviously there are a lot of unsatisfied men in the world because whatever they have at home isn't enough to keep them from doing the things they do. That is not our fought .

While I have to take a little personal exception to your assertion that "men always think with their penus," dhood, thanks for the thoughtful commentary. Here's hoping you were there.

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