Reader: "Yes, they hate our freedom"

We all know that radical Islamic Muslim extremist terrorists hate freedom -- but do your children know? For any child born after 9/11, there's the danger not only that they might forget, but that they might not even know how to hate and fear other cultures, and for that problem, there's We Shall Never Forget 9/11, the coloring book devoted to showing young Americans what happens when you fuck with America. Clearly, it's something our readers are on board with.

From Eric Z:

Yes, they hate our freedom. It's not because we have several military bases in Saudi Arabia which is a Muslim holy country. It's not because we have killed several hundred thousand of them in various wars. It's not because our churches send people over to their countries to try and convert them because "they are wrong"...

Exactly, Eric. It's because, for whatever reason, the idea of freedom is just pretty repulsive to them, sort of like you or I might hate broccoli. But if only we could get them to try some, they might not hate it so much after all. Right?

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