Reader: "You could have spent time in an inner city and been murdered instead"

There's an element of truth to every stereotype, and that particularly goes for Boulder, a place so preoccupied with its own righteousness that even its Pop Tarts must be certified organic. Our man Thorin Klosowski recently returned from a stint in the People's Republic, and he brought back some observations about the (exceedingly white) culture there -- observations passionately disagreed with by some. Reader Bridget Kenyon Meowma Wood offers this dissent:

I just spent some quality time in Boulder myself and found it to be lovely. I'm not sure if there is a good reason to worry about organic pop tarts and the people that eat them other than the fact that even if it's organic, pop tarts are still junk. Anyway, let people be weird, let them live peacefully and do whatever they want to do out there without ridicule. If the biggest problem you had was being grossed out by someones feet then I would consider it a good trip. You could have spent time in an inner city and been murdered instead.

Bridget, something (your name) makes me suspect you've spent more than a little time in Boulder. But good point, though; everyone knows it's impossible to get murdered in Boulder.

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