Reader: Your list of the best moments in Denver arts was the worst

It's the end of the year, which means that Westword scribes are busy compiling lists of the good, the bad and the ugly of 2011...sometimes the very ugly. If we were working on a list of the worst art moments of 2010, it would certainly include the fact that arts entrepreneur/enthusiast/conscience Lauri Lynxxe Murphy left town for graduate school.

But Murphy, who was in our first class of MasterMinds, is still keeping an eye on the scene from Ohio, and she did not appreciate the list of "The ten best moment in Denver arts: 2011" that Jef Otte posted yesterday. In response, she writes:

This list just makes me sad. Westword's been too good of an arts supporter to be creating a list about the "11 best moments in Denver arts" that is so devoid of...art. When I think of how many artists and organizations work so hard to create amazing experiences for audiences in Denver, then it makes me want to wretch to think that one of these valued spots on this list was taken up by teenagers having sex at Ikea. I mean, seriously? If you want to promote the idea that Denver is some cultureless backwater, then by all means -- celebrate competitive grape-eating. But I know there's enough talent there to make TEN lists like this every year, so someone clue this writer in to the wealth of Denver culture before next year's list! (Or, here's a thought -- just name the list something else and DON'T mislead people that it's about the arts!)

But rather than rename that list -- it did say "arts," which we use as a label for all the cultural activities in this town, and yes, we define "culture" very loosely -- we're working on our companion list of the ten best moments in Denver art in 2011. Have a nomination? Put it below. And here's a hint, Lauri: If you'd just return to Denver, that would easily make our best list!

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