Reader: Zombies need to become more familiar with DPD operations

The seventh annual Denver Zombie Crawl this past Saturday was the biggest yet -- but it got an unexpected assist from the third annual March for a World Without Police. The confluence of the two events downtown turned into a giant game of cops and grave robbers.

Some zombies were not amused, and complained that the police protesters interfered with their yearly tribute to the undead. See also: - Photos:Anti-police march marked by six arrests, Zombie Crawl crossover - Slide Show: Zombie Crawl 2012

But Robert Chase disagrees:

Notwithstanding some zombies' indignation, the juxtaposition of the two events is a great idea! Zombies need to become more familiar with the operations of the DPD, and what better way than to offer up the notion to the idiots in charge of it that the anarchists have infiltrated and co-opted the Zombie Crawl? No doubt the organizers will now seek to work hand-in-glove with the DPD to screen zombies for political belief or social awareness before allowing them to walk on the Mall -- fascist zombies!

Unlike the Zombie Crawl, which was permitted, the anti-police rally was not -- and six of the protesters were arrested. Did the zombies get robbed? Post your thoughts below.

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