Readers: A (Sometimes) Friendly Discussion of Whether Denverites Are Unfriendly

In response to almost-native Lauri Lynnxe Murphy's recent pieces on transplants to Denver, one transplant responded that Denverites are "the rudest, most unfriendly, aggressive people I have ever met in any place of the world I've been to? And I have traveled extensively." When we shared that comment, readers were quick to respond — in ways both friendly and not. Says Cathy:
I have had the good fortune to live in Denver for the past five years. Yes, it's different from the Midwest, but different is good. I've met great people here both native and transplants. There a good and bad people everywhere. Maybe the author is getting back the negative energy that she is putting out into the world?
Responds Deborah:
I've lived here a lot longer. Perhaps you need to consider that the rudeness is coming from the people who moved here from other places.
Adds Eären:
 Ha! Poor transplant thinks natives, or as she says "Denverites," are assholes! I think she has not met actual...real, LIVE Denver or Colorado "natives" who are born here, or are second/third generation. She has most likely met people who have been here only years at best.
But then there's this from Raphael: 
I could never figure out the smugness mixed with self-entitlement. I feel like while I was living there every other person I met engaged in some kind of passive aggressive tear-down out of the gate. New York City is entirely friendlier.
Adds Denver native Victoria:
The kind of energy that you put out is the kind of energy you are going to receive. Maybe you should try not to insult people in the place that you live. Otherwise, us cowtown Denverites have this really big highway that you can drive yourself right on out of here...
Concludes Carole:
I'm new to Denver and I love it here! Not only Denverites but Coloradans in general have been the most outgoing, sincerely welcoming people ever. Of course, you get back what you give. I came in wide-eyed awe of everything this city has to offer. In no time it has become my home. I already take offense at people who say Denverites are unfriendly. Assimilation complete. Go BRONCOS!

Do you think people in Denver — whether natives or newcomers — are friendly?

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