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Readers: Appreciate Street Art While You Can — One Day It Will Be Blacked Out

In the beginning — of the last decade, at least — 314 East 13th Avenue was the home of Bender's and featured a large mural of Johnny Cash, smoking a cigarette and casting a man side-eye toward oncoming traffic.  When the venue changed hands and became Quixote's True Blue, Cash was replaced by Jerry Garcia. And now that it's turned into the Black Box? The wall is black...and so are the moods of some art fans. Says Carter: 
I am glad I paused for an extra second during a busy day last week to smell the roses and admire it.
Responds Lauren: 
Awesome!!! They turned an amazing Johnny Cash mural into a mutant version of Jerry Garcia. Thank God!!!
But then there's this from Miguel: 
That's street art life. It gets washed away; appreciate it when you're privileged to walk by it. One day it'll be a new picture, or black.
And Annie concludes: 
I'm excited to see what the street artists turn that into.. nice blank canvas :)
What would you like to see on that wall? What's your favorite mural in Denver?
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