Readers: Day of the Dead Is Not an Extension of Halloween!

In late October, Denver's calendar fills with events celebrating Día de los Muertos. And while in Mexico itself the Day of the Dead was traditionally a time for quiet family gatherings, that's changed of late; Mexico City held its first Day of the Dead parade yesterday, with more than 1,000 costumed actors and acrobats. Still, a few readers think party-goers need to understand the difference between Halloween and Día de los Muertos. Says Marcelino: 
I wonder how many people actually understand the significance of the celebration on a cultural level and not simply as a day to appropriate. The legacy of the celebration is the legacy of indigenous struggle. If you understand why that's true, then by all means, celebrate. If not, just stick to dressing up on Halloween. 
Explains Mary:
Días de los Muertos. 1 November is for those who went before us when they were children; 2 November is for the adults. It's not an extension of party 'til you drop Halloween. It's a wonderfully reverential welcoming home of one's family who have gone on but who will always share our lives.
Adds Ian: 
Cue the white idiots with sugar skull fever.
See our list of Day of the Dead events here.
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