Readers: Pokemon Go Players Need to Get a Life!

For the past week, people have been walking around Denver, phones held high as they searched for tiny monsters popping up on Pokémon Go, the virtual-reality game based on those characters that first came to America on Pokémon cards two decades ago. But that fad didn't explode as fast as this one has — and some tempers have exploded, too. Says Aaron: 
Get a REAL life! Wasting time catching imaginary creatures while our world is falling apart around us. Wake up, morons! The time is now. If you don't get off your asses soon you aren't going to be playing anything. These lunatics that run your state and federal government are dead set on world war. What you going to do when you walking around staring at your screen "battling" while ending up in the middle of a REAL battlefield.
Responds Diane: 
 Grumpy people can't stand that some kids are having fun. Chill.
Adds Samson: 
You don't need a fucking app to go out and meet new people. Check it out...

Who wants to meet up for a pint and talk shit about people who play Pokemon?
Have you played Pokémon Go yet? You can download the app here, or just meet up with Samson at a local bar to make fun of all players. 

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