Should Renegade have been a theater instead?
Should Renegade have been a theater instead?

Readers: Spaces that should be theaters are turning into craft beer joints

Our coverage of a recent meeting of the minds between theater producers discussing the state of theater in this town inspired a harsh response from Jack, who said that "anyone with even a modicum of taste and refinement is getting out of town before you beer-swilling losers stink up the place."

Responds Stealth2:

Wow, that was pretty harsh. I have my own problems with the Denver theater scene, but I don't think it's as bad as "Jack" makes it out to be. People here are trying and while it's not there yet, it seems to have potential.

But still...

My own problem with the Denver theater scene is that there's not enough homegrown talent being presented. I've seen a few productions that have sprung from the minds of Denverites, but for the most part the work being presented is created by someone elsewhere, whether they're internationally famous or just have one successful play under their belt. As for the "major" theaters, I realize they're trying to make money with sure-fire stuff but it's awfully safe for the most part. Lots of "rousing" musicals and relationship stuff - "I Love You, You're Perfect...", etc.

But like I said, there are a few pockets of interest. Just not enough considering how many theaters are in town. Speaking of which, why aren't there more? In so many other cities, large and small, theater companies are shoe-horning their way into any empty space they can find. Here, those empty spaces are just future craft breweries.

Has craft beer drowned out theater? Post your thoughts below.

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