Rebel Bells gives brides and grooms alike an alternative to the traditional wedding expo

Christie zumBrunnen and Nicole Lowery started their Hey! Party Collective business as a way to bring together fellow wedding and big-event innovators, in order to throw the perfect party. Almost two years later, the Hey! Party Collective is throwing its own party, Rebel Bells at Artwork Network on Sunday, September 15, a wedding expo showcasing a handpicked selection of photographers, florists, dressmakers and more.

But Rebel Bells isn't any run-of-the-mill bridal show: It's a chance for both brides and grooms to check out wedding vendors in a party atmosphere.

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"We like the idea of being able to showcase a lot of different vendors where brides and grooms can walk in and potentially hire their entire wedding team if they wanted to -- but we also desired to show it off in a way where they could also walk in and think, 'Wow, this is what our reception could be like,'" says zumBrunnen.

"Rebel Bells will have cocktails and appetizers and we'll have a fashion show with different bride and groom looks, as well as a dance party," she continues. "We just want it to be a fun, upbeat environment where you're not just shuffling from booth to booth while vendors give you their elevator speech."

Hair stylists, make-up artists, DJs, custom-tie tailors and craft bartenders will be just some of the vendors participating in Sunday's soiree; more traditional services will be represented by a bevy of photographers, cake decorators and, of course, the wedding planners at Hey! Party Collective.

"We basically handpicked all the vendors -- like Lalé Florals, Our Love Is Loud photography and The Willinghams (photography). We have all met and worked together individually and we kind of just threw this idea out there to see if anyone would be interested," says zumBrunnen. "The key wedding vendors that we wanted to be a part of this loved the idea, so we spread it from there. We definitely curated the vendors and the whole event itself."

ZumBrunnen and business partner Lowery started the Hey! Party Collective as a small-scale event planning company in 2011, and while focusing on weddings, they also coordinate corporate events, bridal and baby showers and even dinner parties. This is the first year of the Rebel Bells wedding expo, but with two dozen local Colorado companies participating, Hey! sees similar showcases happening in the future.

The Hey! Party Collective's Rebel Bells unconventional wedding fest goes down this Sunday, September 15 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Artwork Network. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the Rebel Bells website.

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