Reefer Mania: Boobs and bud rule Bar Standard for 4/20

There are a lot of marijuana-related goings-on tomorrow, what with it being 4/20 and all, but this event looks like a definite hit. Burlycute, the burlesque production company run by Cora Vette (aka Reyna Von Vett), happens to be booked on the third Friday of every month at Bar Standard, and Vette also happens to have put together a marijuana-related show called Reefer Mania a couple of years ago. So the stars were definitely aligned for the third edition of the pot-burlesque extravaganza, which is almost entirely new this year.

"I'm still doing all the vintage stuff," Vette says, "but the songs are so short that I'm going to use them for classy slices of time. I told everybody to find songs, and as long as it's about smokin' weed, getting high? Do what you want to do! So it's turned into a hybrid between vintage pot stuff and trippy, hippy, Bob Marley stuff."

And so Eve Vette (Cora's new burlesque wife), Russia Roulette, Kitty Piston, Ophelia P. Cocque, Cherry Pop Pop Poppins, June Dear, Snowy Mountains and Frangelica Love will be dressing up as hookah-smoking caterpillars, catnip-addled felines, reefer-loving desperate housewives, pot brownies and giant, glittering, tap-dancing marijuana leaves before they strip down to their bare minimums. "It's all over the map," she says, "anchored in the vintage pot stuff that I love, but opened up to all sorts of craziness. It'll be green and shiny and sparkly."

Expect pot-leaf pasties with joint tassles that light up on the ends (classy!), as well as an alcohol-related number or two for the drinkers in the audience.

This three-act giant of a show kicks off at 8:30 p.m. on Friday, April 20 at Bar Standard; get tickets in advance ($10) at www.coravette.com.

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