Revolights LEDs for bikes: The brightest project on Kickstarter?

Look out, Moonlight Classic 2012, here's a product surely destined for just about every nocturnal bike in Colorado: The Revolights project is less than $10,000 shy of its $43,500 goal on Kickstarter.com, with 42 days to go as of this writing, which means fully-functional wheel-mounted cycling lights could soon be a reality.

The Kickstarter campaign launched on August 9 and has been garnering significant buzz in the cycling community because the current Revolights prototype (v4) projects solid LED beams of white light forward and red light backward and create solid arcs of light when viewed from the side, giving nighttime cyclists 360 degree visibility to motorists. The current prototype weighs less than 8 ounces per wheel.

The very cool video below actually doesn't even do the Revolights justice: The blinking you see is a camera effect, and, according to the Revolights developers, "The human eye will see a solid arc, in person, due to a phenomenon called persistence of vision."

Can't you see that design replacing just about every handlebar/seatpost-mounted light system currently in use? The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the production version of the lights is estimated at $220; you can reserve your set now with a Kickstarter pledge of $200 or more.

Here's more, via Kickstarter.com:

"Currently no product on the market provides both lighting and sighting at a functionally high level. Our solution, Revolights, is a double threat. It represents the first fully functional lighting and sighting solution; more specifically, the first solution based on a spoke/rim/hub mounted design... an increase in bicycle lighting and sighting has the potential to reduce rider injuries and fatalities. It's time to provide riders with a single bike light solution that allows them to safely experience the joy of riding, regardless of the time of day. Let's shift the bike-light paradigm."

For more info, including an extra-nerdy blog on the history of the product's prototype development, visit Revolights.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.