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Rick Griffith's Westword cover gets spoofed around town

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and if that's the case, everyone involved in coming up with the cover image for Westword's recent feature on local type and design maestro Rick Griffith -- and the list includes photographer Eric Magnussen, Westword Art Director Jay Vollmar and Griffith himself -- should consider themselves flattered. After all, how many newspaper covers get remade into waffle art?

The waffle-ized Rick Griffith above, the brainchild of Oscar, the talented son of past MCA Denver Board of Trustees president Karl Kister, isn't the only odd place Griffith's mug has popped up since the story came out. The cover's been spotted posted up on the wall at a paper store, and there have been reports -- possibly facetious ones -- of hipsters coming up to Griffith on the street and asking him to autograph the paper. (Whether or not Griffith decided to use one of his letterpress printers to do so is unknown.)

And then there was the video posted last week on Griffith's Facebook page, a short clip created by Beth Harris that we'll just let speak for itself.

Hm. Interesting. Spotted any other creative interpretations of our Rick Griffith around town? Let us know and we may or may not provide you with a Griffith-style waffle.

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