Ride, Zombie, Ride

Two very different artists with a common talent for evoking the fantastic and otherworldly in familiar subjects come together in I've Got the Zombies If You've Got the Tilt-a-Whirl, which is on display at Kitchens' Ink, 757 Santa Fe Drive. Trevor Alyn makes digital composites of multiple photographs to transform people into bizarre aliens, monsters and demons. His work, which can be seen at www.mouseskull.com, strikes a complex balance between the grotesque and the sensual, defining an uncomfortable common ground between beauty and horror. Rhy Jouett's methods are more traditional, but his photos — very close shots of mundane objects such as rusty tools and trash — are equally strange in their own way. Almost abstract at first glance, his shots reveal a mysterious world existing unseen in the corners and cul-de-sacs of everyday life — in his words, "bringing light to the mundane as art." Jouett's work can be seen at http://rhy.unclesteve.com. For more information, call 303-573-3791 or visit www.kitchens-ink.com.
March 7-31, 2008
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