Ridiculous Frozen movie playing in Breck for spring break

So we covered the Open Water-meets-Aspen Extreme epic Frozen before it opened in January. The trailer and the concept of a thriller about something as boring as sitting on a chairlift in the dark made me laugh quite a bit, but not enough to try and see the movie. Its local run left something to be desired: I'm not 100 percent it played anywhere in Denver.

But Frozen is now playing at the Speakeasy Theatre in Breckenridge to entertain the spring-break crowd. I'm still not tempted to run out to see it.

From Speakeasy proprietor Karin Litzmann's special about the film's run for the Summit Daily News:

For those of us living in the mountains, this premise for a "horror" film seemed hilariously campy but an appropriate piece of Spring Break silliness. If asked, any Summit County elementary kid could find five better ways to get off that chair than these three did! But, of course, that is the secret thrill of horror films and why we enjoy going to see them -- it's to yell (in this case howl) at the characters on screen "No! What are you thinking? Don't jump!"

So far, reaction to the film has been predictably mixed, everything from amused to disturbed with a little confused thrown in for good measure -- one caller to the theater wanted to know if it was a documentary. Nah, would we really do that to our Spring Breakers?
The last showing is Thursday at 8 p.m. I can't wait for Frozen 2: The Neverending Lift Line, but I'll probably wait for the rest of my life without a payoff.

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Eric Peterson