RiffTrax's Kevin Murphy on Making Fun of Godzilla

Roland Emmerich's 1998 take on the kaiju classic Godzilla is rightly reviled by both fans of the original and anyone else who hasn't suffered brain trauma. But among one select audience -- fans of RiffTrax, to be specific -- it's been in great demand for years. When RiffTrax Live: Godzilla hits theaters on August 14, that demand, however inexplicable, will be fulfilled at last -- and no one is better suited to make fun of it than the RiffTrax crew. Michael J. Nelson and Bill Corbett join Kevin Murphy -- all Mystery Science Theater 3000 alumni -- for a live lampooning that should be the most fun it's possible to have with Emmerich's bloated monstrosity of a monster movie. Before the fun starts tomorrow night, we caught up with Murphy to talk about the awfulness of the movie, how riffing this one compares to making fun of old-school kaiju, and why it's easier to make fun of really, really stupid films.

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